Popcorn Flavors for Everybody... Fresh Daily!

From everyone's favorites of Carmel and Cheese (not to mention Nacho Cheese!), to our popular White Chocolate and Strawberry Creme, plus... our signature Carmel Nut Mix... and so much more.

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Stop by Anytime

Fresh popcorn makes for a great snack to share at the office. Grab some on the way home before game or movie night with the family and friends.

Locally Owned & Operated

The Popcorn Cottage is Utah owned and operated. In fact, three generations of the family have helped our valued customers for over 40 years.

Makes a Great Gift

Popcorn Cottage can put together gifts of popcorn in a variety of designer tins. Doesn't matter if you need 10 or a hundred.

Oh, So Many Flavors!

How are you going to decide? Of course you could always get more than one...
Did we mention that we make the popcorn fresh daily in both stores?